Wine of Sicily is a battle of wits for 2-6 players, distilled down to one single card. The card represents a goblet of wine. Its reverse side has two orientations: Poisoned and Unpoisoned. Each round, the Sommelier takes the Goblet and chooses whether or not to Poison it by rotating it to the associated orientation, then hands it to another player face-down. That player can choose to Drink from the Goblet, or peek at the card and Pass it to another player, who then chooses between the two options, but watch out: If all other players Pass, the Sommelier must drink from the Goblet themself!

If you drink poisoned wine twice, you are eliminated from the game. You win the game if you drink unpoisoned wine twice or all other players have been eliminated. Will you leave the goblet unpoisoned knowing that no one else will want to drink from it? Or will you poison it, knowing that someone else will know that you know that no one else will want to drink from it and thus will want to drink from it?



Randomly choose a player to be the first Sommelier and hand them the game card.


The Sommelier picks another player and passes the card to them face-down with the Poisoned side or Unpoisoned side pointed at them. When a player has the card passed to them, they do one of the following:

  • Drink: Flip the card, and Drink from the Goblet whose side is pointed at you. This should be the same side that the Sommelier chose; Poisoned Goblets never become Unpoisoned mid-round and vice-versa. When a player drinks from the Poisoned Goblet twice, they are removed from the game.
  • Pass: Peek at the side of the card pointed at you and Pass it to another player with that same side pointed at them. You cannot Pass to another player who already saw the card this round, BUT if everyone else already saw the card, you must Pass it to the Sommelier, who is then forced to Drink.

Once a player Drinks, the Round ends and a new Round begins with that player as the Sommelier. If that player has been eliminated, the next non-eliminated player to their left becomes the Sommelier instead.


When a player drinks from an Unpoisoned Goblet twice OR is the last non-eliminated player, that player wins.



Designer: Joshua Jeon
Release Date: 2023
Players: 2-6 Players
Playtime: 5-10 minutes
Ages: 13+
Complexity: Extremely Light