Circle of Power is a free mecha-themed print & play game that you can play using ANY deck of cards. Yes, ANY! Print out a Fighter sheet for both players, grab some dice and cards, and you’re good to go!

Each Fighter has various Parts that they can activate. Attach cards to Parts to Charge them up. Once they’re ready to go, Discharge them to unleash their effects, allowing you to do things like attack your opponent or disrupt their card economy. Discharging also generates Gauge, which you can later spend to activate more powerful effects. Reduce your opponent’s life to 0 to win the game!

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How to Play

Setting up. Give each player ANY deck of cards (yes, ANY), three standard six-sided dice One Fighter Sheet + any small object for tracking life. Declare card types. Classify cards in both decks into 3-5 Types. Some examples: Poker deck (Treat each suit as a different type), Yugioh deck (Treat Monster, Spell, Trap as different types), Magic deck (Creature, Land, Instant, Artifact, Other)

Dealing Damage. Attacking: When you Attack, secretly set a die to a value within the Attack's Range. EG: Attack (2~4). Choose 2, 3, or 4. Defending: When Attacked, you also set a die to a value within the Attack's Range. Once both players are ready, reveal! If both values are same, the Attack is Blocked. If the values are not same, the Attack deals damage equal to its chosen value. Reduce the opponent's Life to 0 to win! Burn: Deal Damage directly to the opponent. Burn Damage can't be blocked! But it can't reduce the opponent's life below 1. The finishing blow must be from an Attack!

Turn Actions. Charge: Attach cards from your hand to Parts and activate their Charge effects. Attached cards must be: All different Types OR all the same Type. Discharge: Discard all cards from a Part to pay for one of its effects. Gain 1 Gauge each time you Discharge. Activate a Skill: Choose a skill and discard Gauge to pay for its effect

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Designer: Joshua Jeon
Release Date: 2022
Players: 2 Players
Playtime: 20-30 minutes (+15 minutes for the first game)
Ages: 13+
Complexity: Light