ENMITY ENGINE • Horror-themed fighting board game for 2 players. • Team-based monster battles, without the EV training! • Pick 3 Fighters to form your team, and go! • Over FIFTY Fighters to pick from. • Powered by Poker cards - Use your favorite deck! • Strategize, bluff, and read your way to victory!

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Enmity Engine is a horror-themed card fighting game for 2 players, that’s played using Poker cards! Both players control a team of 3 Fighters. Launch Attacks to take down your opponent’s Fighters and Switch your Fighters’ positions to maneuver yourself into advantageous situations. Anticipate your opponent’s strategies and outwit them. Throughout the game, you’ll gain Insight, which you can use to Awaken your Fighters, permanently upgrading their abilities, or unleash their powerful Signature Moves. You win when you defeat all of the opposing Fighters.

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MONSTER BATTLING ACTION - Plays like classic monster battling video games, on your tabletop! No link cable or EV training required! - SETS UP INSTANTLY - Lightning fast setup so you can start playing immediately! Pick 3 Fighters and shuffle your deck to get going. Thousands of combinations! Millions of matchups! Near endless replayability!

POWERED BY POKER CARDS - Play using your favorite Poker deck. Found a snazzy deck from a gift shop? Wanna show off your favorite Steve Minty piece? Feel like ruining your vintage pack of Jerry's Nuggets? Go for it! Custom Enmity Engine Poker cards available as well! - TCG-LEVEL DEPTH - All the depth of your favorite trading card game, without having to crack packs or chase rares. Plays using Poker cards so no need for any tedious deck building! - ALTERNATE GAME MODES - TOURNAMENT MODE Strategy-intensive battles with 5 Fighters per player. SOLO MODE Face off against an AI opponent.

HOW TO PLAY ENMITY ENGINE - ACTION PHASE - Take one Action. You can do things like draw cards or buff your Attacks. Select a Move. Choose a Move Card from your hand and set it face-down. You won't know what your opponent picked until both players have chosen. Can you outwit your opponent? - BATTLE PHASE - Players reveal & resolve their Moves. Switch your Active Fighter OR launch an Attack. - CLEANUP PHASE - Gain Insight. If your Attack dealt Damage, add your Move Card to your Insight Zone. You can spend Insight to Awaken your Fighters to upgrade them or use it to fuel your Fighter's powerful Signature Moves. If you didn't deal Damage, you get nothing!

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Designer: Joshua Jeon
Release Date: 2022
Players: 2 Players, with a variant for 1 Player
Playtime: 20-40 minutes
Ages: 13+
Complexity: Medium-Light


65 Cards:

  • 53 Fighter Cards
  • 6 Life Trackers
  • 2 Active Fighter Markers
  • 1 Flow Marker
  • 3 Reference Cards

Not included (you’ll have to supply these yourself):

  • 2 Poker decks (one for each player)
  • Tracking stones (eg small beads, beans, or pebbles)