Hedron Collision is a dice flicking party game for 2 players that’s played with Polyhedral dice (like the kind used for D&D). Flick your dice to get as close as possible to the center of the board to score more points, but watch out! Your opponent can knock your dice out on their turn! Fast, simple, and addictive. Will you go the safe route and try to score lots of points or play offensively to knock your opponent’s dice out at the risk of overshooting? It’s easy to carry and waterproof, so you can take it out to the pub or a party and not have to worry about babying it when you’re drunk off your ass! It’s also printed on a playmat so you can roll up to a Yugioh or Magic tournament with it and jam some games between rounds.



Now available via Solis Game Studio.


Looking for a printable PDF of the rules? You can find it here!


Choose a Start Player and give both players dice: D4, D6, D8, D10 x2, D12, D20 (but you can use whatever dice you want, so long as both players get the same dice).


Starting with the Start Player, both players take turns flicking one of their dice. To do this, pick one of your unused dice and set it on the mat behind the Shoot Line, then flick!


If a die is knocked completely off the mat OR outside the area between the Shoot Lines, it doesn’t score! Set it aside for now.


Once both players run out of dice, tally up your points. Each die on the mat between both Shoot Lines gains points equal to the rolled value of the die, plus the point value of the Zone the die is in. If the die is resting on a line, use the higher point value. Highest score wins!
(Most modern Polyhedral sets come with a D100 instead of a second D10. Treat these D100s as D10s.)


Play a 2nd round but change the Start Player. Add the total scores from both rounds to decide the winner.

OPTIONAL RULE: Knocked out dice are returned to their owners.



Designer: Joshua Jeon
Release Date: 2022
Players: 2 Players
Playtime: 5-15 minutes
Ages: 13+
Complexity: Extremely Light


  • 1 playmat/board

Not included (you’ll have to supply these yourself):

  • 2 sets of Polyhedral Dice