Image: 妄想ゲームズ☆ (via Amazon)

The gluttonous Demon Lord has kidnapped the Princesses of the Land of Sweets! Save the Princesses from the Demon Lord’s clutches and take back our sweets! One player is the Demon Lord, and the rest of the players are rescuers (players take turns being the Demon Lord). Line up Princess cards equal to the number of players +1. The Demon Lord places ◯ and ☓ cards below the Princess cards face-down. When a rescuer reveals a ◯, they successfully gain a Princess card; if they reveal a ☓, they fail to do so.

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English Rulebook: PDF (via Google Drive)

This is an unofficial/fan-made English rulebook translation of Tasukete Princess (Save the Princess), by me. Tasukete Princess is a light drafting/bluffing card game for 3-5 players. It’s quick and breezy, and involves a simple and intuitive set of incentives that enables a rich bluffing game. Recommended for fans of games like Skull and Cockroach Poker.